Lead Vocals performed by Imaani
Backing Vocals by Katie Leone & Jono McNeil
Guitar by Alex Paschali
Mixed by Leigh Darlow @ Earthwork Studio’s, Barnet, London.


‘FOUND MY LIGHT’ is the stunning debut REEL PEOPLE MUSIC release for one of the UK’s most treasured voices, IMAANI.

Remixed by THE LAYABOUTS, ‘FOUND MY LIGHT’ is a heart felt song, written about the joy that motherhood has brought to her life.

IMAANI’s career has been quite a journey for this country girl from Derby who jumped on a train to London at the age of 19 and never looked back.

Nurtured by the legendary JOCELYN BROWN, IMAANI’s talent was soon discovered with cousins CARLEEN & JHELISA ANDERSON & TALKIN LOUD’s URBAN SPECIES all taking her on tour.

British Soul Institution INCOGNITO was IMAANI’s next port of call as she became a permanent fixture on their perpetual live show and on their recording’s as she featured on the albums ‘BENEATH THE SURFACE’, ‘ADVENTURES IN BLACK SUNSHINE’, ‘BEES + THINGS + FLOWERS’, ‘ELEVEN’ & ‘TALES FROM THE BEACH’.

Another highlight and in her own words ‘the biggest night of my life’ saw IMAANI perform to well over 100 million people and finish second in the 1998 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST.

In recent years, IMAANI has formed a stirring partnership with London House music crew COPYRIGHT, delivering the anthems ‘WIZEMAN’, ‘BRING ME LOVE’ & most recently ‘NOBODY’, all on DEFECTED RECORDS.

Forthcoming in 2011 is a 3 track EP which includes production by REEL PEOPLE and also MATT COOPER (INCOGNITO/OUTSIDE).