1. Map Of The World At Night feat. Nathan Lacy – Sometimes Always Never (Original Mix)/Nurvous Records
2. The Layabouts feat. Omar – As Long As You Believe (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix)/Reel People Music
3. Da Capo feat. Lyrik Shoxen – Get up & Try (Da Capo’s Deeper Touch Mix)/DNH
4. DJ Fudge – Keep On Wondering (Original Mix)/Tejal
5. Flapjackers – Love Specialty (Original Mix)/Caboose Records
6. The Trak Godz – The Darkness (Oringinal)/Strictly Music
7. Z Vilhena – Deep (Original Mix)/Voyage Inc Records
8. Justin Imperiale feat. Max Paparella – Alma Del Sonido (Original Mix)/Cabana
9. Soulful Session feat. JJ – Secret Passion (Original)/Strictly Music
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10.Lefunken & Soletek vs. April – I Need To Know Me (GM’s Mash Mix)/Unreleased

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11.Mr. V – Something With Jazz/SOle Channel Music

12.Spiritchaser – Yesterday’s Gone (Est8 Mix)/Guess