1. Samir Maslo, Oliver Cheatham – I Like 2 Party/In My House
2. J Paul Getto – Different Folks (Original)/Guesthouse
3. The Lewis Project – The More I Get, The More I Want/Galleria
4. Andre Espeut – Everybody (Pete Herbert Remix)/Imagenes
5. Giom, DJ Mes – Nu Grooves (Original)/Guesthouse
6. Demarkus Lewis – House Of Jaxx (Original)/Fogbank
7. DBow – Get Involved (Director’s Cut Classic House Mix)/Beatdown

**********LADIES, GENTLEMEN**********
Groove Odyssey Sessions Vol. 1 Mixed By Groove Assassin

8. Barbara Tucker, DJ Q – Groove Odyssey Theme (Original)/Groove Odyssey
9. Dajae – Don’t You Want My Love (Sean McCabe Vocal Remix)/Groove Odyssey
10.Wipe the Needle, Lifford – Wondering Why (Wipe The Needle Original Mix)/Groove Odyssey
11.Natalie Williams, Reilly – No Strings (Groove Assassin Remix)/Groove Odyssey