1. Yogi, Natalie Conway – Do Or Don’t (Rob Hayes Remix)/Swing CIty
2. Booker T, Katherine Ellis – Give Me Joy (Booker T Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix)/Liquid Deep
3. DJ Ant B, Dana Weaver – Flying High (Conway’s Back to the BASEMENT Mix)/In The Zone
4. Kenny Bobien – You’re Gonna Make It (Maurice ‘n’ Morris Remix)/UDM Show Records
5. Big Will Rosario – Disco King (Original Mix)/Inhouse
6. Tikki Tembo, Diamondancer – Return To Me (Dave Mayer Mix)/Solid Ground Recordings
7. Hardsoul, Berget Lewis – Song 4 Unity (We Need More Love) (Hardsoul New Classic Mix)/Hardsoul Pressings
8. Mark Funk – Love Again (Original)/Guesthouse
9. Steven Stone, Andrea Love – Running To Love (Original)/Soul Deluxe
10.Rober Gaez – You Stole My Love (Original Mix)/Urbana
11.Scott Diaz – Deep Inside/Freeze Dried
12.Jerry Ropero, Eddy Cabrera, Terri B! – Soul Heaven 2013 (Grant Nalder Groove & Shake 2013 Remix)/Conkrete Digital Records